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Eat seasonal foods in Minnesota

In seasonally-challenged Minnesota, it’s hard to know what foods are fresh and in season. After all, ripe and ready tomatoes gather on store shelves even when the entire state is covered in a thick enamel of permafrost. But eating local and in-season foods not only tastes better; it’s better for your health and the environment to eat seasonal foods in Minnesota.

The facts about industrial farms are overwhelming. For example, foods imported from industrial farms produce as much as 650 times the amount of C02 than foods produced at local, small farms. And large industrial farms reaching all ends of the country and towns in between also take another serious toll on the environment: Pesticides, herbicides, and animal waste pollute area waters, causing an increase in what the EPA has determined to be water bodies in “critical” condition.

Of course, in recent years, a spotlight has been shed on these serious issues, prompting more and more people to want to eat local, organic, and in-season.